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Comics are cool, kids!

I've been experimenting with icons from comic scans. There are eight icons behind the cut, two of which are femmeslash, one of which is het, and the other five of which are just Jason Todd, Robin II. All critique appreciated. There's also a Jason wallpaper, used for the journal redbutnotrobin and a Mystique wallpaper, used for the journal strangemystique.

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The Jason icons are *gorgeous*, and the Steph/Cass ones make me wibble. *steals for chat avatars*
*grins* Glad you like them! And as soon as I saw the panel that the icon bases came from, I was all, "Hm, what if I cut out the text and move them closer together to make them kiss?"

And then I did it. And redid it. And squeed about femmeslash icons. XD
Wow, these rock! I'm so stealing #1. And, ok, I got nosey and checked out redbutnotrobin. This is possibly the closest I've ever come to wanting to rp. Really. *clings to self control*
*grins* Yay, glad you liked them. As for RP, the RP that Jason is in is going to have a Stephanie Brown soon. C'mon, two dead Robins in one RP? They call for you to join! XD
Steph? Oh man, I am so there. Well, right after I read all the rules and stuff. And psych myself up.
Yes! XDDDD Hah! Awesome. <3 Any idea on who you'll be playing?