Fickle (fickle_goddess) wrote in icon_d,

10variations of Neopets femmeslash.

There are ten icons made from this image and two extra of bobblehead!Jhudora. You know the drill -- comment, credit and enjoy!

Unresized Rotated Desaturated
Mirrored Doubled Color Change
Complete Texture Basic
No Square Bobble Bobble Remix
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Oooh awesome. I do like how you did the first and second one. Then the way you did the mirroed - the text adds a really nice feel for it. Nice text to go with the third and nicely done with the Doubled. The Colour Change makes me giggle (in a good way). I like the complete - both colours and text. The Texture has me LOL. I do like how you did basic o.o And I like the No Square; nicely chosen and worked. The two Bobbles are entertaining and I like the cut-outs in the first and the brush (?) for the second.
affiliates with lunastar_icons? We will link back to you, too!
Sure! I'll stick something up in my userinfo. ♥
Great, we added you back! Thanks